How to use Facebook Audience Network

Perfect Audience has the ability to serve your Facebook ads through the Facebook Audience Network within your Facebook campaigns.

Facebook Audience Network will help extend your reach beyond standard Facebook ads. Using FAN, your ads will reach your audiences on websites and apps across devices such as computers, mobile devices and more. Using FAN within your campaigns is a great way to keep your ads in front of your site visitors even when they're not browsing Facebook. For more information on FAN, visit Facebook.

To use FAN in your Facebook campaigns, launch or edit a Facebook campaign:
Click Launch New Campaign, then Facebook Campaign.
Click the Placement tab and select 'Edit Placements' to use custom Ad Placements.

Click "Audience Network" to enable/disable your ads on FAN. This is set to on by default.

Finish creating your campaign as you normally would, and that's it! Your ads will serve through Facebook Audience Network automatically.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team at

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