Q: How does web retargeting work?

A: Web retargeting on Perfect Audience is when we serve your banners to your lost customers on mainstream news sites like the Huffington Post, top blogs and even Youtube. We do this by running your ads across ad networks like Google Display Network, OpenX, Pubmatic, and many more. With just one campaign you can retarget across all of them.

With web retargeting, a business adds our "site tracking tag" to their own web site code. This tag is completely invisible to visitors but places a unique "cookie" in their browser that lets the user be anonymously identified as having visited your web site. The users cookied in this way make up what we call a "Retargeting Audience".

Once you've created a retargeting list or multiple lists, you can use Perfect Audience to serve banner ads to people in those lists across more than 100,000+ websites that work with us including all sites in the Google, Microsoft, OpenX, and Rubicon Project networks. When your users see these ads, they are reminded about your service and will return and sign up or convert in some way.

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