Q: How does Perfect Audience Facebook and web retargeting compare to Google Remarketing?

A: It's best to think of Perfect Audience as a "pro" version of Google Remarketing.  If you're serious about retargeting for your business, you owe it to yourself to understand the key differences.

Perfect Audience is a "cross-network" retargeting platform. Your ads don't just serve across one network, they serve across every major ad network and exchange on the web including Facebook. Google's DoubleClick exchange is actually one of the 40+ major network partners that help us cover 98% of the web.  Why limit yourself?

Another difference is the lack of transparency into what sites your ads appear on. Perfect Audience "site reports" lets you see every domain your ads are served on and how those ads performed there. With this information you can create blacklists and white lists to customize and "level up" your campaigns to achieve truly outstanding ROI.

Another key difference is focus.  Google Remarketing is a bit of an afterthought, product-wise.  Google makes all its money from search and is focused there.  With Perfect Audience, you have a partner that's 100% focused on providing the best retargeting experience possible.

Using Google Remarketing often requires you to add a static, "dumb" pixel to your site that has to be updated or replaced from time to time.  With Perfect Audience, we provide a single "Perfect Pixel" that never needs to be replaced or swapped out and which can be used to create as many retargeting lists and conversions as you like.  We make it easy to segment your visitors in half a dozen different useful ways so you can reach exactly who you want to reach.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Perfect Audience offers affordable support and solutions from real humans while with Google Remarketing, you're not going to get any actual human support unless you're a big spender. WE even have a two-week free trial so you can get your feet wet!

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