Step 3: Create your first conversion goal

Next, we'll create a conversion goal, which is a little signal we use to know how many times someone converted on your site. You might want to track sign ups, or sales, or when someone sends you an e-mail.

In your "Manage" menu, 
click Create Conversion.

Give the goal a name.
We'll call it "Sign Up" for this example.
Select a Conversion Type.
On my site, everyone who signs up for a free trial is sent to a page with a URL of "/thankyou.html" after signing up. So, I use the "Path" method, and I type in "/thankyou.html".
Select a conversion value.
How much is this conversion worth?
Set the conversion counting.
Should this conversion be counted every time it happens, or only once per visitor?

Click the blue button to save it. Now I've got a conversion goal set.

Easy, right? Now let's add some ads in Step 4.

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