Step 4: Add some ads

Now you'll need to create some ads to use in your Facebook and web retargeting campaigns.

Note: You will only be able to create ads once your website has been approved. Your site will be approved or rejected within one business day from when you created an account.

In your "Manage" menu, 
click Create Ad.

Select your ad type and give the ad a name.

Set a destination URL.
This is where a user is sent after clicking your ad.

Insert a Headline and Text.
You can preview your ad on the right side of the screen.
Upload your ad image.

Click the blue button to submit the ad.

Note: The free trial is limited to 5 ads for your campaign. If you'd like to lift that limit, please email

Facebook ads are typically audited in less than an hour. Banner ads can take up to 48 hours to audit.

Next - let's create a campaign in our last step!

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