Were all your ads approved?

Were all your ads approved?

If your ads don't pass audit, they won't serve impressions. If every ad included in a campaign fails audit, no impressions will be served.

Click here to read our creative and technical requirements for banner ads. Facebook ads must adhere to Facebook's ad guidelines.

To check the audit status of your ads, go to the "Manage" -> "Ads" section of your dashboard and look at the information in the table there.

If an ad fails creative audit, you will find out in an e-mail sent to the address associated with your account. To make changes to an ad and resubmit it for audit, click the "edit" link next to it in the "Manage" -> "Ads" section, make the changes suggested in the ad status e-mail you received, and save the ad again. It will be re-submitted for audit.

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