Passing the "order ID" or other unique conversion info into the tag while counting a conversion

The Perfect Audience tracking tag makes it easy to pass information about a conversion that just occured back into your campaign stats for later analysis. To see which products were bought during a conversion or which user signed up:

  1. Go to the Manage -> Site Tracking Tag page in your dashboard.
  2. Find the line in the tag that looks like this: _pa.orderId = "";
  3. Remove the // at the beginning of this line. Between the quotation marks near the end of the line, add in code that will print out the data you want stored with your conversion in our system. For example, you might be running a web app and using retargeting to get more users to sign up. In that case, you'd want to insert in code that prints out the current user's e-mail address. If you're running an online store, you probably want to print out the ORDER ID of an order just purchased.
Here's an example of what your code might look like before you edit that line:

And this is what it might look like after:

Limitations: the _pa.orderId parameter only accepts strings up to 32 characters long. It will truncate anything longer than that.

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