Click-through vs. View-through conversions

You may have noticed these stats in your dashboard:

What does it all mean?

CTC: Click Through Conversion - A
 visitor is shown your ad, they click on it, and then convert.

CTC%: Click Through Conversion Rate - The number of clicks that have converted divided by the total number of clicks your ad received.

VTC: View Through Conversion - A visitor is shown your ad, they do not click on it, but later return to your site and convert.

VTC%: View Through Conversion Rate - The number of View Through Conversions divided by the total number of impressions.

Conv.: Total number of conversions.

If you click on Manage-> Conversions you'll be able to see all of the Click Through/View Through conversions listed in your Conversion Explorer. You can toggle between All Conversions, or separate each type:

At times you might see your number of conversions higher than the number of clicks. This is probably due to View Through Conversions. For example, you might have 40 clicks, 35 Click Through Conversions, and 50 Total Conversions. Take a look at your View Through Conversions. You probably have 15 of them, bringing your total number of conversions to 50.

By default, we track Click Through and View Through conversions for 30 days, and attribute 100% of your conversion's revenue value to the conversion. You can change this in your settings at any time.

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