Step Two: Upload Ads

Before you can start a News Feed campaign, we'll need to submit your ads.
Click on Manage, then Create Ad.

On this screen, select Create Facebook Ad.

Complete your ad setup.
More details below.)

Give the ad a name. (How you will identify the ad.)

Add a Call to Action button. (Optional. This will add a CTA button like "Shop now!" or "Buy now!" to the ad.)

Add a Post Message. (Optional, but this is the bulk of your message. Be clear about what you're promoting!)

Add a destination URL. (Where the user will be sent when they click the link. If you need to use custom UTM parameters, you can do that here.)

Add a display link. (Optional. If used, the domain entered here will display in your ad instead of the above destination URL.)

Enter a Link Headline. (How the link will be 'titled' in the post.)

Add a link description.

Select your ad image.

Click Upload and Submit for Review when done!

The ads will be submitted to Facebook for approval. This process usually takes about 20-30 minutes.

Once the ads are approved, you can launch your campaign.

Did you run into trouble? Contact support.

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