Installing Tracking Tag in Goodsie

If you use Goodsie as your e-commerce platform, it's very simple to install our tracking tag into your store.

In your "Manage" menu,
click User Tracking.

On this page, look for your siteID in the upper right corner:

Select and copy the siteID to your clipboard.
Switch to your Goodsie dashboard.
Click Manage. Under "External" click Plugins.
In the "Advertising" section, paste your siteID in the box.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and press Save. 

Wait for the e-mail! Now that your tag is on your Goodsie store, you will receive an e-mail when our system starts seeing data. You can also check back to the Site Tracking Tag page to see if data is being recived. This usually takes an hour or two. If you don't get an e-mail or see data on your tag page or Audiences page, double check that you've placed the tag in your web site code and pushed that code live. It can be easy to forget a simple step in there along the way.

If you have any problems, email

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