How does billing work for Twitter Retargeting?

Free Trial

To make it dead easy for marketers to test out Twitter Retargeting, the first two weeks of service are provided free of charge.  This free trial is separate from and in addition to the free trial available to all customers for running Facebook or Web retargeting campaigns.

SMB Pricing - Simple flat monthly fee

Twitter Retargeting works differently for our SMB customers than other features in Perfect Audience. So we bill differently as well.  Instead of charging a percentage of spend, we charge a simple, flat monthly fee for powering the data connection between Perfect Audience and Twitter.

During the initial beta period, we will charge all SMBs customers a flat $50/month per site activated for Twitter Retargeting.  The charges will appear among your list of Perfect Audience invoices.

Based on customer feedback that will likely evolve into traditional tiered subscription billing plans based on usage.  If you have comments or suggestions, please send them to us at

Enterprise Customers

For enterprise customers with agreements in place, we will charge a % of spend based on volume and conversation between you and your account manager.  For more info, please reach out to your account manager.

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