What advantage does this have over sharing pixels with partners?

Perfect Audience connect is the first safe, non-competitive, secure way for partners to work together on digital advertising.

Many companies today swap pixels in order to reach partner audiences.  This is very, very bad for a few reasons:

1. Swapping pixels puts your data in the hands of another company.  When you run someone else's pixel on your page, you have no insight into what's happening with that data.

Perfect Audience Connect solves this by having Perfect Audience serve as the "cookie cop" in the middle, enabling partner retargeting when marketers connect to eachother.  In this way, no data ever changes hands at all.  It all remains 100% under your control.

2. Swapping pixels drives up costs.  When you let someone else run their pixel on your site, any campaigns you run targeting that data will compete against their bids.  This is where Perfect Audience's BidGuard technology comes into play.  We make sure that Perfect Audience advertisers always get first look at impressions generated by their data so your costs NEVER go up.

In short, never do it!  There's no advantage to NOT using Connect for this.  Only bad things happen!

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