Optional: Load your tracking tag after the browser onload Event

By default, our tracking tag will load based off of where the code is placed in the HTML of your website. If our tracking tag is placed near the top of your HTML code, it will run earlier in the page loading process. If you place the tag near the bottom of your HTML code, it will run later in the page loading process.

Some users may wish to load our tag last, for instance if there is some other Javascript code you'd like to prioritize. If you'd like to have our tracking tag load last, after the onload Event has completed, you can set this option in your account under Manage-> Site Tracking Tag:

Click the 'Load tag AFTER "ONLOAD" browser event completes' checkbox to enable this functionality. 

Note: Loading our tag after the onload Event completes means that our tag will not load if your page has a redirect that loads first, or if the visitor leaves the page after a split second, before the onload Event has completed.

If you have any questions, please contact support@perfectaudience.com.

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