How Do I Create a Mobile Retargeting Campaign?

Step One - Create the Campaign

Use the green Launch New Campaign button, then select Mobile App Retargeting:

Then, select the ad type you want to run.

Mobile Banner: 320x50 - The most popular ad size. The ad will appear as a banner on the mobile device.
Interstitial: 320x480 and 480x320 - The ad will appear as a full screen ad on the mobile device.

Select the Retargeting Audiences you wish to use for the campaign, just as you would with any other campaign:

Step Two - Create Your Mobile Ads

Click the Create New Ads button to create your mobile ad:

Use the form that appears to upload your ad:

Before you upload ads, make sure they conform to the Perfect Audience creative guidelines:
  • All ads must have a visible logo/brand or domain on them.
  • Supported Ad Sizes: 320x50 (Banner Ads), 320x480 + 480x320 (Interstitial Ads)
  • All ads must be a .gif, .png, or .jpg file and less than 70kb in file size.
  • All ads must have a border or a colored edge.
  • Ads can't have animation lasting longer than 30 seconds.
Click Create Ad when you're done. Then use the Add button to add the ad to your campaign.

Step Three- Launch the Campaign

Finally, enter the remaining campaign information, then Save and Submit your campaign. That's all it takes!

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