Using your web browser to test Retargeting Audiences

This article will guide you through the steps to test that Retargeting Audiences are working properly on your site using your web browser's built in Javascript console. Don't worry if you're not familiar with Javascript! No coding knowledge is required. Just follow the steps in this article to verify the Audiences are tracking.

This article also assumes the tracking tag is already working properly. You can test to ensure it is using this method.

Accessing the Javascript Console

This article assumes you will be using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on a PC or Mac. Press the corresponding keys to bring up the console.

Chrome: Ctrl + Shift + J
Firefox: Ctrl + Shift + K

Chrome: Command + Option + J
Firefox: Command + Option + K

The console will look something like this:

Are My Retargeting Audiences Working?

You can use the Javascript Console to verify that additional Retargeting Audiences you've setup are tracking properly.

For this example, I've created a Retargeting Audience in my account called "Added to Cart."

Note: It can take up to 10 minutes for our tag to update after the Audience has been created, so you should wait at least 10 minutes to test the Audience after creating it.

Open your Javascript Console, then type in this command and hit enter:


You'll see some output that looks like this:

Each "Object" listed is a Retargeting Audience that are tracking this page. Click on the arrow to expand and see more information:

Each Object will list the name of the Retargeting Audiences that are tracking this page. Here you can see my "Added to Cart" Audience is tracking.

Note: This method will let you know if the Audience is tracking, but the visitor count statistics in your account do not update in real time. It can take several hours for a Retargeting Audience to update its size. 

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