Video Tutorials

  1. Perfect Audience 101: Getting Started with Facebook and Web Retargeting

  2. Perfect Audience Quickstart Guide

  3. Installing your Perfect Audience Tracking Tag

  4. How to create a Perfect Audience retargeting campaign

  5. How to create Facebook ads in Perfect Audience

  6. How to Connect your Facebook Page

  7. How to create and track conversion goals with Perfect Audience

  8. How to create banner/display ads in Perfect Audience

  9. How to create Facebook ads in Perfect Audience

  10. How to create Retargeting Audiences in Perfect Audience

  11. How to configure your account setings in Perfect Audience

  12. How to use Facebook Audience Network (FAN)

  13. How to use Instagram Retargeting

  14. Campaign Troubleshooting

  15. How to configure your site settings in Perfect Audience

  16. How to install Perfect Audience on a WordPress site using the WordPress plugin

  17. How to install the Perfect Audience tracking tag in your BigCommerce store

  18. How to use Email Retargeting

  19. How to Setup Tracking in Shopify

  20. How to check your browser for our tracking cookie

  21. How to install your tracking tag in your SquareSpace store

  22. Ad and Campaign Best Practices

  23. How to use Targeting Lookback Windows to boost CTR and conversions in Perfect Audience

  24. Retargeting Audiences 201

  25. How to Blacklist Domains to Boost ROI

  26. Perfect Audience 201 - Best Practices and Tips

  27. How to Install the Perfect Audience Tracking Tag on your Goodsie Store

  28. UTM Parameters

  29. Exporting Campaign Data

  30. Credit Card Management

  31. Perfect Audience Twitter Retargeting

  32. Perfect Audience's iOS SDK

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