Creating Mobile Ads

We currently offer two types of mobile ads: Interstitial and Banners.

Banner Ads (320x50)
These are the smaller, banner type ads that appear at the top of bottom of the user's screen:

Interstitial Ads (320x480, 480x320)
These are the large ads you see inside apps. These tend to take up the full screen:

Before you upload ads, make sure they conform to the Perfect Audience creative guidelines:

  • All ads must have a visible logo/brand or domain on them.
  • Supported Ad Sizes: 320x50 (Banner Ads), 320x480 + 480x320 (Interstitial Ads)
  • All ads must be a .gif, .png, or .jpg file and less than 70kb in file size.
  • All ads must have a border or a colored edge.
  • Ads can't have animation lasting longer than 30 seconds.
  • Your ads also must adhere to the general advertising guidelines found here.

To create a mobile ad, from your Manage menu, click Create Ads.

Select Create Banner Ad.

Give the ad a name. Set a destination URL. This is where a user is sent after clicking your ad. Then, upload your ad image. Mobile sizes supported are  320x50 (Banner Ads) or 320x480 + 480x320 (Interstitial Ads).

Click Upload and submit for review.

That's it! Your ad will be sent to the web networks for an audit. Ads can take 24-48 hours to process.