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Excluding IP Addresses in a Campaign

You may wish to exclude certain people, like your colleagues or team members, from seeing your ads. This will save you money by ensuring your ads are being served only to the site visitors that are in your audiences, rather than team members that may also be included in those audiences. Using the IP address exclusion setting will allow you to block computers or networks used by your team or business.

Note: Excluding IP addresses is only supported for Web/Display campaigns. Facebook campaigns do not support IP address exclusion.

The IP address exclusion setting is located in step one of your campaign setup form. When creating or editing a campaign, click the "Exclude IP Addresses" box:

Enter the IPv4 address or addresses you wish to exclude, separated by a comma.

Complete the remaining campaign setup as normal, and save when you're done. 

That's it! The IP addresses you entered will no longer be eligible to see the ads in this campaign.