Note: This guide assumes you have already installed and configured the iOS SDK for your app. If you haven't done this, please view this guide for setup instructions.

Event tracking is the backbone for creating audiences with the Marin iOS SDK. Events are used to segment (group) similar devices based on custom triggers. To track custom events, use the following API after having initialized the SDK. 

[Marin trackEvent:@"event1" withMetadata:nil];

Event Naming 
"event1" is used as an example here, but events can be named anything. Note that there is one internal event created for all apps named "devices.all_opens"

This name should be avoided for any additional events.

Viewing Events
Once you've setup event tracking in your app, you can compile your project and run it. This will create a Retargeting Audience in your account called "All Opens" that tracks users who have opened your app. 

If you've setup other events to track, take the actions necessary to trigger those events in your app, then navigate to Manage-> Audiences from your dashboard.

Here you can see the All Opens Audience that was created from the devices.all_opens event, as well as an Audience from an event we setup called "Purchase."

You can filter this page to show only your App events by clicking on the Device Audiences tab.

Once you have your event tracking setup, you will want to setup conversion goals to trigger based off of these events.