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Tag Verifier Chrome Extension

If you use Google Chrome as your web browser, you can use the SharpSpring Ads Tag Verifier extension to view the information your website is sending to SharpSpring Ads. The extension can be downloaded for free from the Chrome store here.


When the extension is installed and enabled in your Chrome browser, it will scan the web page you're visiting for the SharpSpring Ads tracking tag. On every page load we'll check to see if the tag is functioning properly, along with any additional tracking data you may be sending to us.

The tag verifier will check the page you visit for:

  • Our standard tracking tag to ensure it is loading properly
  • Audiences
  • Conversion Goals
    • Order ID
    • Revenue Value
  • Product ID for Dynamic Ads

How it Works

Head to the Chrome store and install the extension. Click Add to Chrome.

You'll be prompted to confirm the installation. Click Add Extension.

Note: The extension does not write any data to your site and will never change any site content. The extension is read-only, looking for the SharpSpring Ads tracking tag.

Make sure the extension is enabled, you should see the SharpSpring Ads icon in the upper right corner where other extension information lives. It looks like this:

Next, navigate to a page that has our tag installed and let the page completely finish loading. If the tag is found the SharpSpring Ads icon should light up:

Click on the icon to view the tag information.

Here, you can see that the SharpSpring Ads tag was found. In addition to our standard All Visitors audience, we're also tracking an audience called Product Views. This is not a conversion goal page so no conversion data is found. We are, however, tracking product IDs for dynamic ads. 

This is an example of what a conversion goal page might look like in the extension. We're tracking the All Visitors audience along with an audience of Converted Users. Note that the extension is now detecting an Order ID and revenue information for this conversion.

If there is no tag found, or the tag is not installed properly, you will receive this message:

We hope you find this tool helpful for testing on your end! If you have any questions or issues regarding the extension, please email ads@sharpspring.com.