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Shopify (Automatic Installation)

*SharpSpring Marketing Automation Users: This article is not applicable if you are a SharpSpring Marketing Automation user*

SharpSpring Ads has partnered with Shopify to make setting up tracking, ads, and campaigns for your Shopify store one smooth process. These few steps will have your retargeting campaigns up and running in no time.

From your Dashboard, click Settings-> Shopify Settings.

Enter your Shopify Store URL and click Connect Shopify.

You will have to login to your Shopify store if you aren't.  You'll then be prompted to install the Perfect Audience App. Click Install App.

Next, you'll want to upload your store logo to use in your ads. Select Choose File. (Your logo image must be PNG, JPG, or GIF, 150kb max file size.)

After uploading your logo, you'll need to install some special code in your store's checkout code. 

In Shopify, head to your Admin settings, then select Checkout:

Scroll down to the Additional Scripts box:

Back in SharpSpring Ads, copy the conversion code and paste it in the Shopify settings box. 

Check "I have installed the conversion track tag" when done. A conversion goal has been created for you automatically.

Your product feed will be automatically processed from Shopify.

You're all set! A group of dynamic ads have been created for you so you're ready to launch a dynamic campaign.

If you no longer wish to track users or products from your Shopify store, follow these instructions to remove our app and code:

  1. Go to your Shopify Checkout settings, and look for the Additional Scripts box.
  2. Remove the conversion code you added previously (listed above) and save.
  3. In your Shopify Admin section, click Apps. 
  4. Find the SharpSpring Ads app, then click the garbage can icon to delete it.

This will remove all tracking and connection from SharpSpring Ads. For more information about removing apps, view Shopify's support.

If you have any problems, email ads@sharpspring.com.

See this tutorial as a video: