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What is Connect and Why Should I Use It?

Connect lets Perfect Audience customers team up with trusted marketers so they can retarget each other's visitors and acquire customers more effectively.  

Retargeting is awesome.  It's the most effective way to advertise!  

But the big weakness of retargeting is that you're advertising to people you've already reached in one way or another. There's only so much retargeting you can do.

There are many ways to advertise to unreached prospects:  Search Advertising, Demographic targeting, Contextual targeting, Lookalike targeting.  But getting customers through these approaches is usually 10-15x more expensive than through retargeting. This is because these approaches lack intent, the crucial element that makes retargeting work so well.

When marketers construct contextual or demographic campaigns, they are basically just doing their best to try to reconstruct purchase intent by other means. It's a pale imitation and the CPAs show that.

So where can you find more intent? Luckily, the answer's been right in front of us all along.

Visitors to your own web site have high intent to try your service, that's why retargeting works so well. Meanwhile, visitors to other web sites in your space also have high intent to try their services. So what if you could team up with some of those marketers to retarget each other's visitors?

Your ads would reach new users with high intent.

This is why we built Perfect Audience Connect. It's the social layer for Perfect Audience, where advertisers create profiles, connect with their marketing partners and retarget each other's visitors to reach net-new, high-intent prospects with their ads.