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How Do I Request Support For Twitter Retargeting?

Twitter Retargeting is a shared program between SharpSpring Ads and the Twitter Advertising team.  For some questions, our support team can help.  For most questions, Twitter's support team will provide help.

To get help with activating your Twitter Retargeting in SharpSpring Ads, contact us at ads@sharpspring.com.

For help with everything else: making Twitter campaigns, improving campaign performance, improving Twitter ads, understanding reporting, and adjusting budgets, you can reach out to Twitter for support by using their support portal at support.twitter.com or you can talk to your Twitter Advertising account manager.

SharpSpring Ads will do everything it can to help our customers get their retargeting lists shared into their Twitter Ads Dashboard. Once that is set up, Twitter's Support team will be available to help you find success with Twitter's ad tools!