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Google Tag Manager Setup

SharpSpring Users: The Perfect Audience site tracking tag is automatically embedded in the SharpSpring tracking tag. If you use SharpSpring you will NOT need to manually install the Perfect Audience tag.

The Perfect Audience Site Tracking Tag works great with Google Tag Manager. Below are step-by-step instructions for setting it up. 

First, head to Manage-> User Tracking. Look for your Advertiser ID in the upper right corner, it should look something like this:

Next, log into your Google Tag Manager Account.

Once in Google Tag Manager, click on the Account and Container you would like to add our Site Tracking tag to.

Next, click the Tag Configuration box to bring up the list of supported tags:

Under the "More" section, select Perfect Audience Pixel:

Paste your Advertiser ID in the "Site ID" box. If you wish to pass us an Order ID, Revenue amount, or Product ID, configure those settings here. This is optional. For more information on setting up Google Tag Manager Macros, visit the Google Tag Manager's macro reference guide.

Once that's setup, choose the Triggering box to setup when the tag should fire:

Choose an existing Trigger or create a new one. We strongly recommend loading our tag on all pages of your site.

Click Save in the upper right when you're done, then click Publish in the upper right to push the changes live to your site.

That's it! Your tag will now fire on all pages of your website. Our system will take 4-5 hours to recognize the tag on your site and start tracking your visitors. You'll receive an email when that happens.