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How to Create a Customer Audience

To create a Customer Audience, you upload a .csv file containing either a single column of iOS IDFAs or Android Advertiser IDs you’re interested in. iOS and Android device IDs cannot be used in the same audience, they require separate audiences.

Here's how to get started with Customer Audiences: 
In your "Manage" menu, click Create Audience.

Under "Type" select Customer Audience.

Then give the audience a name. We'll call it "Customer Phones" for this example.

You'll want to work with your mobile attribution partners to obtain specific Device IDs of your customers, but if you're interested in determining your own phone's ID, take a look at the app called The Identifiers (iOS) or Device ID (Android).

Select an Identifier Type. You'll need to inform our system if the list you're uploading contains iOS IDFAs or Android Advertising IDs.

Upload your CSV file, then click Create Audience.

That's it! Now that you've created your Customer Audience, you can create a mobile retargeting campaign to serve ads to this audience. 

Additional device IDs can be added to an audience at any time, just remember to keep iOS IDFAs for iOS audiences separated from Andriod IDs for Android audiences. Currently there is no way to delete or exclude IDs from a pre-existing audience. In order to exclude device IDs, create a new audience with the unwanted IDs removed.

Note: Customer Audiences can be updated by later uploading new data into the audience, but if you have a mobile audience that requires ongoing updating, try to stick to App Action Audiences.