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What is Smart Audience?

Smart Audience is a new type of audience that allows advertisers to begin serving ads immediately, see results faster, and augment their current audiences. It is a proprietary, pre-built audience specifically created to help you see ROI as quickly as possible. Below we'll answer some common questions.

How does Smart Audience work?

For new campaigns: Smart Audience is applied by default to all new campaigns to begin. To start a new campaign, simply log in and click the green “Launch New Campaign” button on the top right.

For existing campaigns: On your dashboard, click Manage > Audiences. Click on the campaign you want to add Smart Audience to and select “Target” for Smart Audience.

Is Smart Audience a retargeting audience?

No, a retargeting audience is made up of tagged users who have visited your website. Retargeting audiences take time to build and can slow down the set-up for new campaigns. With Smart Audience, there's no need to wait. Your ads can begin serving immediately online and as your retargeting audience is built, ads will serve to those users as well. 

Can I use Smart Audience in addition to my retargeting audience?

Yes! If you already have campaigns running but are not serving as many impressions as you would like, applying Smart Audience is a great way to augment that audience to increase impressions.

Where do Smart Audience ads serve?

Applying Smart Audience won't change where your ads are shown. The sites your ads can display on (publishers) can vary. Smart Audience is a pre-built set of users or devices, not a list of sites to serve ads on.


As always if you have questions, reach out at ads@sharpspring.com.