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Who Can Use Twitter Retargeting?

Who can use Twitter Retargeting?
Twitter Retargeting is available to any SharpSpring Ads customer that also has a Twitter Ads self-service account and 5,000+ users in your All Visitors Retargeting Audience. You can create a Twitter Ad account at http://ads.twitter.com.

Twitter's self-service advertising tools are currently available in many countries. If you can sign up for a Twitter ad account in your region, you can use SharpSpring Ads Twitter retargeting!

Who can I target with Twitter Retargeting?
You can target any users in your existing SharpSpring Ads Retargeting Audiences, regardless of the country in which the user resides.

Are there any other requirements with Twitter Retargeting?
We are currently only able to offer Twitter Retargeting for sites that have more than 5,000 visitors within 30 days in their All Visitors Audience. Twitter requires that Retargeting Audiences be fairly large so they can find enough Twitter users to retarget.