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Referral Program Details

*SharpSpring Marketing Automation Users: This article is not applicable if you are a SharpSpring Marketing Automation user*

How does it work?
The SharpSpring Ads referral program lets SharpSpring Ads customers refer colleagues to SharpSpring Ads and share in the rewards as they advertise. The program's benefits are two-sided. New customers who sign up through a referral link get a $100 credit for their first campaign, and the referrer receives $50.


Program Rules & Restrictions

  • This program is open to customers with a valid US or Canadian bank account.
  • The referral program does not offer self-referrals in any form. If you own two businesses, you can't use a referral link to refer the other one. If you work for an agency, you can't use referral links to refer each of your clients into new accounts.
  • SharpSpring users are not eligible for the referral program.
  • Paid Search: Bidding on SharpSpring Ads brand terms is not allowed. Please do not bid on the following brand terms in any phrase type or order: SharpSpring Ads, SharpSpring Ads.com, www.SharpSpring Ads.com
  • Violation of the program rules will result in closure of your referral account and forfeiture of any referral payments.


How do I refer people?
Once you complete your free trial, you'll get access to your referral center, where you'll find a unique URL and easy ways to share your link on Twitter, Facebook, and via e-mail.

When someone clicks your link and visits SharpSpring Ads, if they sign up within 30 days, they will receive the special $120 free trial and you will receive credit for referring them.

In your referral page, you'll be able to track how many people signed up from your shared links and how much revenue they've generated for you so far.


How do I get paid?
Referral payments happen at the end of the month and payments are sent via our credit card processor. Payments are issued only after $100+ in referral credit has been earned. Balances under $100 will roll over month to month.

To setup your payment account, head to your referral setup page.

At the bottom of the page, click the Add A Bank Account button:

Fill out the information requested and click Save. That's it! A valid account on file is required to receive credit for a referral's spend. You will not be paid without a valid account on file. We do not issue retroactive payments.