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Site Tracking Tag Overview

The SharpSpring Ads Site Tracking Tag is a snippet of javascript code that you add to your site to connect it to SharpSpring Ads.

Here's what a tag looks like:

With the code tag added you can:

  1. Create retargeting lists and place cookies in your visitors' browsers so they can be retargeted later.
  2. Count conversions and record valuable information about each conversion in your dashboard. For instance, if you are tracking signups to a web app, you can pass the e-mail address of currently logged in users into the app and when someone signs up, that e-mail address will be stored with the conversion. This lets you see which of your users came from ads! You can do something similar with information about orders placed in an online store by passing an order ID.

SharpSpring Marketing Automation Users: The SharpSpring Ads site tracking tag is automatically embedded in the SharpSpring tracking tag. If you use SharpSpring for marketing automation, you will NOT need to manually install the SharpSpring Ads tag.