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How Much Does Perfect Audience Cost?

No set up fee.  No minimum spend. Free to try.

Set your own campaign budgets and spend as much or as little as you like!

We charge on a CPM basis and all campaigns are prepaid for self-service customers.

When you launch a new campaign, you'll be charged the amount you set for your campaign budget. From then on, we will bill every following Monday to refill your campaign's budget. With our CPM billing, we add a small margin on there for our service, and then charge you for the total.

We also offer a free trial on your first campaign to all new users so you can see the ROI firsthand before investing more.  Your cost will vary depending on the vertical and competition.

For more details on billing, read our documentation here.

SharpSpring Users: This article is not applicable if you are a SharpSpring user. Billing will be handled in your SharpSpring account.