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What is Perfect Audience?
Perfect Audience is a retargeting platform that lets marketers effortlessly brin... more
How does Web/Display retargeting work?
Web retargeting on Perfect Audience is when we serve your banner ads to your web... more
How does Facebook retargeting work?
Facebook retargeting allows you to serve ads on Facebook to people who have visi... more
What Kind of Sites Can Use Perfect Audience?
Perfect Audience works great for online businesses of all shapes and sizes. That... more
Why should my business use Facebook or Web retargeting?
If you sell any sort of product or service online, or if you use the Web for lea... more
How Much Does Perfect Audience Cost?
No set up fee. No minimum spend. Free to try. Set your own campaign budgets and... more
Google’s recent news of Chrome blocking 3rd party cookies
How does this impact Perfect Audience? Google’s recent announcement (https://bl... more
How does Perfect Audience compare to direct Facebook or Google remarketing?
It's best to think of Perfect Audience as a "pro" version of Google Remarketing.... more
Which websites will display my ads?
Perfect Audience partners with several different ad networks and ad exchanges to... more
Do You Have a Referral Program?
Yes! When a Perfect Audience customer refers a friend or colleague using their ... more
How to Have a Great Free Trial of Perfect Audience
Hi there, and welcome to your Perfect Audience free trial! Here are some tips t... more