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How to Succeed With SharpSpring Ads


Hi there, and welcome to your first SharpSpring Ads campaign! Here are some tips to have the best possible experience. 

Remember that it takes a little while to build your retargeting audience. However, using Perfect Audience's proprietary Smart Audience you can begin to serve ads immediately. As your retargeting audience builds, those users are added to your targeted audiences. If you have any questions, write to us at ads@sharpspring.com

Check out these tips to make sure you’re getting the most from your SharpSpring Ads account. Remember: our Customer Success Managers are happy to help at any time. You can reach out in the chat bubble at the bottom right corner of the page.

For All Campaigns

Your campaigns will spend your $100 ad credit first, after which you will be charged weekly for the campaign budget you have set. Sign into SharpSpring Ads regularly and keep an eye on it.

Your results/stats are not shown in real-time – since we need to pull data from so many places, your impressions, clicks, conversions, etc. are delayed by 6-8 hours.

Web Trial Campaigns

Ad Sizes

If you’re running a Web campaign, make sure you’re using multiple ad sizes.  300x250 and 728x90 are the most popular but we recommend adding:

  • 160x600
  • 300x600
  • 320x50 for serving on mobile devices

For a complete list of sizes we accept, visit this page.

Audience Targeting

If your audience is < 5,000 we recommend you target your All Visitors audience.  This will help your campaigns serve more impressions and have a better overall result.

Exclude Converted Users

Create an audience that is identical to your conversion goal (same Path, Event, etc.).  If you choose, you can Exclude this audience in your campaign targeting settings – it’s usually a good idea to discontinue ad serving to those who have signed up or purchased.

Facebook Trial Campaigns

If your audience is < 5,000 we recommend you target your All Visitors audience.  This will help you serve the most impressions.

Once your trial is complete, you may want to add a Web campaign to maximize the reach of your advertisements.

Shopify Trial Campaigns

Make sure your conversion goal is firing properly.  Go to Manage > Conversions and check the far right column to see when the conversion goal last fired.  If it stays blank for a couple of days, double-check that you inserted our checkout code in your Shopify settings – instructions for that here.

Want more tips?  Take your campaigns to the next level by attending Perfect Audience 201, our webinar for advanced retargeting techniques.  You can register here.

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