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Google’s recent news of Chrome blocking 3rd party cookies


How does this impact SharpSpring Ads?

Google’s recent announcement created quite a buzz for the entire advertising industry with a significant change to how third-party cookies are managed. However, all third-party cookies will continue to be used by our many exchange partners, including Google and Facebook through 2022 with no impact.

Also, the change is a positive one – it addresses the growing concerns over protecting consumer privacy on the internet while still providing an effective approach to serve ads to target audiences.

OK, so why the change and what do I need to know?

Google is developing a new set of open privacy standards collectively called the “Privacy Sandbox” for use with its Chrome browser. These proposed standards are based on APIs versus the current practice of using cookies. The idea of the new approach is to protect an individual’s privacy while still providing effective and relevant advertising.

Google will be working with both publishers and advertisers – such as SharpSpring Ads – over the next several months in developing the function and implementation with its Privacy Sandbox. We welcome the change and look forward to working with Google to implement some much-needed improvements in the industry.  As of right now, the only change is that advertisers must explicitly secure and label all third-party cookies. This doesn’t change our existing functionality, but it does make consumer web browsing experience better and prepares the way for a safer internet.

As a trusted Google Partner, we’re excited to be working with them throughout the process and look forward to this new advertising and retargeting technology while providing a safer and secure experience on the internet. It’s our opinion that these changes are in our collective best interest and will provide a better experience for all. 

For those interested in a more detailed explanation of Google’s Privacy Sandbox, and the potential changes, check out this great writeup. If you have any questions, please let us know at ads@sharpspring.com.