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How Does Mobile (Cross-Device) Retargeting Work?

SharpSpring Ads currently partners with top mobile exchanges like ONE by AOL: Mobile (formerly Millennial/Nexage), Mopub, and Smaato.

These mobile networks give you access to a huge amount of mobile inventory. Currently, these networks hold over 540 billion ad auctions each month. That includes over 19,000 publisher partners serving ads to 1.3 billion unique devices each month. That's a lot of mobile reach! 99% of the ad inventory is in-app, with access to the top mobile apps out there. At this time, Cross-Device Retargeting ads will display in the USA only.

Device matching is handled using two approaches: Probabilistic and Deterministic matching models. 

Probabilistic matching allows the use of multiple different data points, and gives you control of your data with the ability to scale as needed. But it's a less accurate matching model.

Deterministic matching is much more accurate as it is ID based, but you lose control of the data, and it's less transparent.

We've developed technology that uses both of these models. The result is superior device matching for retargeting your mobile visitors. 

Conversion tracking is included as well. We can use our matching models to track both mobile View Through Conversions and Click Through Conversions, and display that data on your desktop devices. You'll be able to easily understand the mobile impact on your desktop conversions.

More information is available via our Cross-Device info PDF.