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Connecting Your HubSpot Account

This feature is no longer supported.

SharpSpring Users: This article is not applicable if you are a SharpSpring user.

What is a HubSpot integration and how does it work?
Joint customers of HubSpot and Perfect Audience will be able to connect their accounts, allowing them to more accurately retarget their HubSpot audience lists. Syncing a HubSpot account to Perfect Audience can be accomplished with just one click, avoiding a complex, technical integration.

When advertisers build landing pages and Smart Lists in HubSpot, Perfect Audience can automatically create retargeting audiences by leveraging the certified partner integration. The integration also features a nightly sync so that when advertisers create new landing pages and HubSpot Smart Lists, the respective Retargeting Audience also can be created within Perfect Audience.

How do I connect my HubSpot account to Perfect Audience?
First, create your Perfect Audience account. This takes about 30 seconds. From your Dashboard, click Settings-> HubSpot Settings.

Authenticate your HubSpot account by putting in the portal ID for your HubSpot account. The portal ID is found in the upper right hand corner of your HubSpot application. Click Authenticate and authorize Perfect Audience.

Your HubSpot account will appear as connected on the Perfect Audience settings page.

This page will also tell you how many HubSpot pages and Smart Lists were converted to Perfect Audience. There is a link to view the lists that takes you to the Perfect Audience Retargeting Audiences page. Your HubSpot Audiences are easy to identify - just look for the HubSpot logo! 

Next, we'll need to install the Perfect Audience tracking tag to your HubSpot pages.

Head to Manage-> User Tracking. Copy the code found on this page. It will look something like this:

You'll now need to paste this tag into the code of your HubSpot pages. HubSpot provides two articles (one, two) instructing you how to add custom code to your pages. 

That's it! Your audiences from your HubSpot pages will now start tracking in Perfect Audience.

How do I create a campaign using a HubSpot integration?
Click the Launch New Campaign button in Perfect Audience and follow the steps like a standard campaign. In step 1, locate your HubSpot Retargeting Audiences. You can scroll or search for your HubSpot Audiences and choose to Target, Exclude or Ignore those Audiences. 

How do I request support for HubSpot integrations or make suggestions?
HubSpot and Perfect Audience have partnered to provide a simple way to allow marketer’s to save time and advertise more effectively. To get help with activating your Perfect Audience account, setting up campaigns or authenticating the HubSpot audience lists, contact us at support@perfectaudience.com. For assistance with HubSpot Smart Lists or other HubSpot related questions, go to help.hubspot.com/support. 

We are always working to improve Perfect Audience for our customers. If you have feedback or suggestions for improvements, please send it our way via http://www.perfectaudience.com/contact.

Who can use HubSpot integration?
Anyone with a Perfect Audience account and a HubSpot account with a HubSpot audience list can use the HubSpot integration to build Retargeting Audiences and create campaigns in Perfect Audience.