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Tips & Tricks

Using UTM Parameters
This video will teach you how to add custom UTM parameters for your ads, so you ... more
Domain Blacklist
Got a domain that's underperforming for your web retargeting? Now you can add it... more
Lookback Windows
Learn to boost your CTR and conversion rates by adjusting your Targeting Lookbac... more
Geo Targeting
Learn how to use Geo Targeting to display your ads in the countries and designat... more
Perfect Audience 101
This is a recording of our weekly Perfect Audience 101 webinar. In this presenta... more
Perfect Audience 201
This is a recording of our previous Perfect Audience 201 webinar. Learn how to k... more
Campaign Troubleshooting
Having trouble with your campaigns? This video will walk you through the most co... more
Ad Creation Tips
This video will give you some best practices and tips to keep your ads and campa... more
Tag Verifier Chrome Extension
This video will teach you how to use our Tag Verifier Chrome Extension, allowing... more