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Knowledge Base

  1. Frequently Asked Questions 

    1. Q: What is Perfect Audience?
    2. Q: How does Facebook retargeting work?
    3. Q: I can retarget across Facebook? How does that work?
    4. Q: How does web retargeting work?
    5. Q: 100,000+ websites? How does that work? Which ones?
  2. 5-minute Quick Start Guide 

    1. Step 1: Install the Site Tracking Tag
    2. Step 2: Create your first custom Retargeting Audience
    3. Step 3: Create your first conversion goal
    4. Step 4: Add some ads
    5. Step 5: Create and launch a Facebook campaign
  3. Account Management 

    1. How to Manage Multiple Advertisers Within Your Account
    2. How to Add a Team Member to Your Account
    3. How to Add a Client to Your Account
  4. Campaign Troubleshooting 

    1. Reach Guide - How do I serve more impressions?
    2. Is your audience large enough?
    3. Were all your ads approved?
    4. Is your campaign active and ready to serve?
    5. Are you using too many ads?
  5. Audiences 

    1. What is an Audience?
    2. How to set a duration on Retargeting Audiences
    3. Targeting, Excluding, and Ignoring Audiences
    4. How to adjust your Targeting Lookback Windows to boost CTR and conversions
  6. Website Audiences 

    1. What is a Website Audience?
    2. How to create a Website Audience
    3. Path Audiences
    4. Querystring Audiences
    5. Event Audiences
  7. Mobile Audiences 

    1. What is a Mobile Audience?
    2. Connecting to your Adjust Account
    3. Connecting to your Tune Account
    4. How to install the iOS SDK
    5. How to setup Event tracking with the iOS SDK
  8. Customer Audiences 

    1. What is a Customer Audience?
    2. How to create a Customer Audience
  9. Conversion Goals 

    1. Overview
    2. How to set up a conversion goal
    3. Creating Conversion Goals for Mobile Apps
    4. How to edit a conversion goal
    5. How to view attribution data about conversions
  10. Ad Manager 

    1. Creating Ads
    2. Facebook Ad Specs and Guidelines
    3. Display Ad Specs and Guidelines
    4. Mobile Ad Specs and Guidelines
    5. Video Ads
  11. Campaigns 

    1. Overview
    2. How real-time bidding works in campaigns
    3. How to edit campaigns
    4. How to transfer funds from one campaign to another
    5. Pausing and Activating Campaigns
  12. Connect 

    1. What is Perfect Audience Connect and why should I use it?
    2. How do connections work?
    3. How do I find people to connect with?
    4. Which ad channels are available for connected campaigns?
    5. What am I targeting when I target a partner with a connected campaign?
  13. Facebook Retargeting 

    1. Step One: Connect to Facebook Page
    2. Step Two: Upload Ads
    3. Step Three: Launch Facebook Campaign
    4. How to Use Facebook Lookalike Audiences
    5. How to set specific ad placements on Facebook
  14. Dynamic Retargeting 

    1. What is Dynamic Retargeting?
    2. Setting up your Product Feed
    3. Setting up your Tracking Tag for Dynamic Ads
    4. Setting up Dynamic Banner Ads
    5. Setting up Multi-Product Dynamic Banner Ads
  15. Instagram Retargeting 

    1. Step One: Connect your Facebook Page
    2. Step Two: Connect your Instagram Account
    3. Step Three: Launch Campaign
  16. Mobile Retargeting 

    1. What Is Mobile/Cross-Device Retargeting?
    2. How Does Cross-Device Retargeting Work?
    3. Why Should I Use Cross-Device Retargeting?
    4. What Kind of Ads Are Available for Mobile Retargeting?
    5. How Do I Create a Mobile Retargeting Campaign?
  17. Twitter Retargeting 

    1. What is Twitter Retargeting and how does it work?
    2. How do I activate Twitter Retargeting?
    3. How does billing work for Twitter Retargeting?
    4. How do I request support for Twitter Retargeting?
    5. How do I create Twitter Ad campaigns?
  18. 3rd Party Setup Guides 

    1. Installing Tracking Tag in Shopify
    2. Installing Tracking Tag in BigCommerce
    3. Installing Tracking Tag in Squarespace
    4. Installing Tracking Tag in Volusion
    5. Installing Tracking Tag in Magento
  19. Agency FAQ 

    1. Agency FAQ
  20. Reports 

    1. Using the Report Builder
  21. Metrics 

    1. Key Retargeting Metrics
    2. Click-through vs. View-through conversions
    3. Conversion Lookback Windows
  22. Site Tracking Tag 

    1. Overview
    2. How to install your tag
    3. How will I know if my tag is tracking visitors?
    4. Passing the "order ID" or other unique conversion info into the tag while counting a conversion
    5. Passing a dynamic "revenue" value into the tag while counting a conversion
  23. API Documentation 

    1. Segmenting API
    2. Reporting API
  24. Billing 

    1. Billing Overview
    2. How do I withdraw unspent funds?
    3. Free Trial Details
  25. Referral Program 

    1. How does it work?
    2. How do I refer someone?
    3. How do I get paid?
  26. Webinars 

    1. Perfect Audience Webinars
  27. Video Tutorials 

    1. Perfect Audience 101: Getting Started with Facebook and Web Retargeting
    2. Perfect Audience Quickstart Guide
    3. Installing your Perfect Audience Tracking Tag
    4. How to create a Perfect Audience retargeting campaign
    5. How to create Facebook ads in Perfect Audience
  28. All articles 

    1. Step 1: Install the Site Tracking Tag
    2. Installing Tracking Tag in Shopify
    3. Segmenting API
    4. Reach Guide - How do I serve more impressions?
    5. Q: What is Perfect Audience?
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