Wordpress Setup

If your site runs on the Wordpress platform, we have a plugin available to automatically install our tracking tag for you.

Note: The plugin is for customers looking to use our basic user tracking; Data such as conversion goal revenue, dynamic products, etc are not supported with the plugin. 

If you'd like to manually install our tracking tag, simply follow these steps:

From your dashboard, click Manage-> User Tracking.

This will bring up a page with your Javascript tracking tag. It will look something like this:

Copy this code. Then, switch to your Wordpress account. Click on Appearance-> Theme Editor.

Open Footer.php.

Paste the code just above the closing </body> tag of your site. 

Save when you're done. 

Once installed, it will take our system 6-8 hours to recognize the tag and alert you that we have begun tracking your site visitors. 

Note: The instructions above should be correct for most Wordpress themes. If you are using a highly customized theme, you may need to install the code elsewhere. Your web developer should be able to determine which file to install our code in if the above does not work for you. You can always reach out to support@perfectaudience.com for help as well!