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Launching a Mobile Campaign

Launching your mobile campaign is quick and easy!

From your Dashboard, click Launch New Campaign-> Mobile App Retargeting.

Then, select the ad type you want to run.

Mobile Banner: 320x50 - The most popular ad size. The ad will appear as a banner on the mobile device.
Interstitial: 320x480 and 480x320 - The ad will appear as a full screen ad on the mobile device.

Select the Audiences you want to target for this campaign. For more information about audiences, click here.

Select the ad(s) you want to use for your campaign with the Add button.

Give your campaign a name and set your weekly budget.

Select the conversion goals you want to track. For more information about conversion goals, click here.

Enter your payment information and submit the campaign.

Our Mobile campaign has launched! The campaign should begin serving in about an hour, but it may take longer, sometimes up to 6-8 hours for stats to start appearing in your dashboard.

Did you run into trouble? Contact support.