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How to Create a Website Audience

To create an audience, go to your "Manage" menu, and click Create Audience.

Give the Audience a name.  We'll call it "Sign Ups" for this example.

Select a Retargeting Method. On my site, everyone who signs up for a free account is sent to a page with a URL of "/user/signedup" after signing up. So, I use the "Path" method, and I type in "/user/signedup".

When the visitor goes to that page, they will be added to this audience as someone who signed up for a free account.

Click the "Create Audience" button to save it. Now I've got two audiences.

A note about wildcards: Our Audience creation tool is very literal. If you create an Audience that tracks people who visit the path "/campaigns/", then it will cookie only people who visit "http://domain.com/campaigns/". If the user visits "http://domain.com/campaigns" (notice the lack of trailing backslash), the user WILL NOT be cookied. 

Notice that the default "All Visitors" Audience uses "/*" in its settings. That's because the wildcard ensures that anyone who visits any path on the site will be cookied.

You can use wildcards in a variety of ways! For more information and examples, take a look at this article.

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