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5-Step Quick Start Guide

Step 1: Installing the Site Tracking Tag
Getting started with Perfect Audience is fast and easy. First, you'll need to install our site tracking tag on your website so we can track your site visitors. more
Step 2: Create a Retargeting Audience
Once your tag is installed, it's time to create an Audience. An Audience is a "slice" of your website visitors based on what pages they visited on your site. Using the Perfect Audience segmenting tools, you can quickly make dozens of audiences for any grouping of users you can think of. more
Step 3: Create a Conversion Goal
Next, we'll create a conversion goal for your campaign. A conversion goal is an action you're looking to track on your site. It's what you want the visitor to do: Buy something, sign up for your service, create an account, something like that. more
Step 4: Create Ads
We'll now need to create an ad to use in your first campaign. Perfect Audience supports a variety of ad types and sizes but for this guide, we'll be creating a Facebook ad and campaign. more
Step 5: Creating Your First Campaign
Now we'll put it all together and create your very first campaign! Here we will walk through how to set up a Facebook Campaign. more