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Step 5: Creating Your First Campaign

Now we'll put it all together and create your very first campaign! Here we will walk through how to set up a Facebook Campaign.

  • From your dashboard, click the blue "New Campaign" button, then Facebook Campaign.

  • In step one, select your targeting settings. I want to show ads to anyone who has visited my site, except users who have signed up. I will Target the "All Visitors" audience and Exclude the "Sign Ups" audience.

  • In step two, select the ads you want to use for the campaign by clicking Add next to each ad.

  • Next, give your campaign a name and a weekly budget.

  • Make sure to select any conversion goals (up to three) that you wish to track for this campaign.

  • Enter your billing information, then click Save and Submit Campaign.

Your campaign has been created! The campaign will begin serving about an hour after it launches. If you don't see any stats right away, don't worry! It may take 6-8 hours for your stats to start appearing in your dashboard. If 24 hours have gone by and you still don't see anything, please email ads@sharpspring.com.