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Dynamic Campaign Troubleshooting & Checklist

Looking to launch a dynamic campaign or improve an existing dynamic campaign? Check out the list below for some of the more common problems a user may encounter with Dynamic ads.

Check your Google Merchant Account Connection
Ensure your Google Merchant account is successfully connected, that we’ve imported your products, and there were no errors along the way.

Click on Manage-> Product Feeds, and look for this box:

If your Product Feed Import Status is Pending, we might still be importing your items. Depending on the size of your feed, this can take a few minutes or a few days. Larger feeds can take up to 48 hours to process. If you’ve been waiting longer than two days, please let us know and we’ll look into it for you.

In the Products section, ensure we were able to import your products. If you see any errors here, you should check your Product Feed for duplicate Product IDs or issues with your images.

Check the ProductID in your website code.
Check to see that your Product IDs are being sent through our tracking tag correctly.

Go to an individual product’s page on your website. Now we’ll need to view the source code for the page. (Read this if you’re not sure how to get to the source code.)

Search the page (PC: Ctrl+F Mac: Cmd+F) for this text: _pa.productId

You should find a section of code that looks like this:

See the line that says _pa.productId=”171192490″;? That’s the line of code that sends us your Product ID. 171192490 is the Product ID in this example. If you don’t see your Product IDs there, you’ll want to check you’re using the correct variable to pass through your Product IDs. See this page for help.

Also, double check that you have that line of code written as: _pa.productId, not _pa.productid or _pa.productID.

Check your Product Feed’s Product IDs.
Ensure that the Product IDs on your website match the Product IDs in your Product Feed exactly. They need to match so we can sync up the products we feature in the ads to the visitor who saw the product.

In a lot of cases, the IDs will be similar, but not exact, i.e. the Product ID on the website is 12345 and the Product ID in the Product Feed is 12345a. The Product IDs need to be identical.

Product IDs are case sensitive! For example, if the product ID in your product feed is "product33" then you need to send us "product33" from your website. "PRODUCT33" will not work.

Check the ad status from the Ad Showcase.
To get there, click Manage-> Manage Ads. Click on your dynamic ad and you should see ads of a selection of your products. If you don’t, you might see this message:

We seem to be having trouble validating your products. Please verify that your template will pass Facebook validations (25 characters in the title, 90 in the body) after your product data is interpreted.

If that’s the case, modify the template to adhere to the ad guidelines.

Once you see your products, scroll down to the bottom of this page and look for this line, which will tell you what percentage of your products we were able to use for your ads:

If less than 100% of your products were used:

  • Check your image sizes. Are they large enough to use? We recommend images 600x600 or larger.
  • Check your image links in your Product Feed. If we come across an image link that does not work, we will not create an ad for that product.

If you've gone through all of these checklist items and the ads still aren't working, please let us know!