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Modifying Your Site Tracking Tag for Dynamic Ads

Note: Before proceeding with this step, make sure you have your Google Merchant Center Product Feed correctly imported into your SharpSpring Ads account.

We use the SharpSpring Ads site tracking tag already installed on your website to track your product pages to determine which products your visitors are viewing on your site. You'll need to modify the tracking tag to send us the Product ID of each specific product on your site.

Look for this line of code within the tracking tag you installed on your site:

// _pa.productid = "myProductId";

Remove the // at the beginning, then change "myProductId" to whatever ID your site uses to identify a product. For example, this is how your tag might look right now:

And it might look something like this after you've changed that line to insert your product ID:

You'll need to make this change to the tracking tag on every one of your product pages.

3rd Party Tag Examples
To help you edit your tracking tag with Product IDs here are some examples for various shopping platforms:

In your site tracking tag, replace this line:

// _pa.productId = "myProductId";

With one of these:

Shopify: _pa.productId="{{product.id}}";
3DCart: _pa.productId="[catalogid]";
Volusion: _pa.productId=$(ProductId);
Prestashop: _pa.productId="{$product->id|intval}";
BigCommerce*: _pa.productId="%%GLOBAL_ProductId%%";

*If you are using Dynamic Retargeting with BigCommerce, our tracking tag needs to be installed within the Snippet file "ProductAddtoCart.html" - or it needs to appear after that snippet has been called.

Note: We still start tracking your product page views from the time you correctly configure the _pa.productId line in your tracking tag, moving forward. If you launch your dynamic campaign shortly after configuring your tracking tag, there will be a period of time needed for the campaign to ramp up impressions, since we've just started tracking your product page views. Don't be alarmed if you don't see a lot of impressions in the first couple of days after the campaign launches!