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What is an audience?

An audience is a group of users you are tracking for the purpose of showing them your ads.  We offer a variety of audience types with Perfect Audience.

Website Audience
A website audience is a group of users visiting your site that you have cookied with our tracking tag. An audience might include everyone who has visited your site, only the users who have registered, or users who have abandoned their shopping carts.

Essentially, a website audience is a group of people you've identified that have visited your site. You can choose to create multiple website audiences. Some users may overlap into multiple audiences depending on the settings you create.

These guides will walk you through creating website audiences.

Mobile Audience
Mobile Audiences can be created from in-app "actions" your users take when using your mobile app. (For example, when a user first opens your app,  you could trigger an action to add them to an audience.)

Mobile Audiences can be created using our integrations with Adjust or Tune. We also have an SDK available for iOS.

Customer Audiences
Customer Audiences are audiences created by uploading lists of Device IDs (Apple/iOS IDFAs or Android Advertiser IDs). Customer audiences are designed for one-off use cases where you have a big batch of users you want to serve a message to.  

To create a Customer Audience, you upload a .csv file containing either a single column of iOS IDFAs or Android Advertiser IDs you’re interested in. Please note that iOS and Android device IDs cannot be used in the same audience, they require separate audiences.

This guide will walk you through the process.