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BigCommerce (Manual Installation)

This article will help you install our tag in your BigCommerce store only if you are unable to use our automatic installation. If you've already used the automatic process, you can disregard this page. If you were not advised to use these instructions by a support representative, please use the automatic installation above.

If you use BigCommerce to host your online store, you'll need to correctly install the SharpSpring Ads site tracking tag before you can use SharpSpring Ads.

From your Dashboard, click Manage-> User Tracking. 

This will pull up a page with a javascript tag that looks like this:

Switch to your BigComerce dashboard. Click Design.

Click Edit HTML/CSS.

In the window labeled "Files used by this template:" scroll down and select Footer.html.

Scroll to the bottom of the code. Paste the site tracking tag at the bottom of this page:

In the upper left corner, press Save.  

Additional Tracking (Optional)

Dynamic Product Retargeting:
If you plan to use dynamic ads with your BigCommerce store, you'll need to modify the line of code beginning with "_pa.productId" in the site tracking tag. Remove the // and modify this line to look like this:

_pa.productId = "%%GLOBAL_ProductId%%";

Note: If you are using Dynamic Retargeting with BigCommerce, our tracking tag needs to be installed within the Snippet file "ProductAddtoCart.html" - or it needs to appear after that snippet has been called.

Order ID Tracking:
BigCommerce provides a variable for the Order ID of a specific order. Using this Order ID with your SharpSpring Ads conversions can help you match up the conversions tracked in your SharpSpring Ads account with orders through your BigCommerce store. To track an Order ID with your conversion goals, change the line of code beginning with "_pa.orderId" in the site tracking tag. Remove the // and modify this line to look like this:

_pa.orderId = "%%ORDER_ID%%";

Once the tag is installed, it will take our system 6-8 hours to update and start displaying your audience data, so don't worry if you don't see any activity right away!

If you have any problems, email ads@sharpspring.com.