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3D Cart

If you use 3D Cart to host your online store, you'll need to correctly install the SharpSpring Ads Site Tracking Tag before you can use SharpSpring Ads.

From your Dashboard, click Manage-> User Tracking. 

This will pull up a page with a javascript tag that looks like this:

Switch to your 3D Cart dashboard. Click Settings, Design, Header and Footer.

In the Global Footer box, paste your site tracking tag. Make sure the "Enabled" box is checked.

At the top of the screen, click Save Changes.

Additional Tracking (Optional)

Dynamic Retargeting:
If you plan to use dynamic ads with your 3dCart store, you'll need to modify the line of code beginning with "_pa.productId" in the Site Tracking Tag. Remove the // in this line and modify it to look like this:

_pa.productId = "[catalogid]";

Revenue Tracking:
If you wish to track both sales amounts and order IDs with your conversion goal, modify the tracking these two lines in the tag as such:

_pa.orderId = "[invoice-prefix][invoice-number]"; 
_pa.revenue = "[ordersubtotal]";

Once the tag is installed, it will take our system 6-8 hours to update and start displaying your audience data, so don't worry if you don't see any activity right away!

If you have any problems, email ads@sharpspring.com.