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Connect FAQ

How Do Connections Work?
Connections on Perfect Audience are two-sided, double-opt-in relationships, just... more
How Do I Find People to Connect With?
With Perfect Audience Connect, we make it easy for you to find Partners! From y... more
What Kind of Ads Can I Use With Connect?
Perfect Audience Connect is currently available for web campaigns running static... more
Who Am I Targeting When I Target a Partner's Audience?
By default, all Connect participants will be sharing their All Visitors Retarget... more
How Are My Bids and Impressions Protected From Partners?
The crucial element that makes Connected Campaigns possible for the first time i... more
How Much Does Connect Cost?
There is no additional cost for using Connect. Connect campaigns run on a CPM mo... more
What Advantage Does This Have Over Sharing Pixels With Partners?
Perfect Audience Connect is the first safe, non-competitive, secure way for part... more