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How Are My Bids and Impressions Protected From Partners?

The crucial element that makes Connected Campaigns possible for the first time is a new bid protection technology we're calling BidGuard.  It's a monitoring tool that looks at every impression we serve and checks to make sure that the original owner of the cookie being used in the real-time bidding auction ALWAYS gets the first chance to bid for the impression.

To provide an example:

  1. You are running a campaign targeting your "All Visitors" Audience on SharpSpring Ads.
  2. One of your partners on SharpSpring Ads is also targeting that Audience.
  3. A user in your Audience loads a page on Yahoo, creating a new real-time bidding auction in Yahoo's ad network.
  4. SharpSpring Ads received a bid from your campaign and a bid from your partner's campaign.
  5. BidGuard checks to see if either of these bids comes from the original owner of the cookie.  

In this case, yes, your bid comes from the original owner, so BidGuard will award the bid to you and block out your partner's bid.