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How Do I Find People to Connect With?

With SharpSpring Ads Connect, we make it easy for you to find Partners!

From your Connect menu, select Find Partners:

You can invite other companies to connect with you via their email address. Type in email addresses of other marketers and send an invitation to connect with your profile on SharpSpring Ads. Please note that during our Beta period Connect is only available to customers based in the USA and Canada.

Once they reach your profile, they can click the red "Connect" button to request a connection:  

You will get an email alert and can accept their request.  Now you are connected on SharpSprings Ads and they will appear in your list of Partners, available for retargeting.

You can also view our suggested Partners on this page. We'll list companies with similar audiences as yours. These Partners would be great to Connect with! Simply press the Connect button for each Partner you want to request to Connect with.